Cristiane Mohallem (1975) is a Brazilian artist living in São Paulo. She received a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2000. For seven years, she coordinated an art therapy program at Rim e Hipertensão Hospital, UNIFESP. This project led her to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned a MAAT in 2008. There she discovered the world of visual arts and developed an especial interest in painting ateliers. In 2012 she held her first solo exhibition at the DConcept Gallery in São Paulo. Two years later, she stopped working as a psychotherapist to focus exclusively on her art studio work. Her visual works have been exhibited in Brazil, the United States, Germany and Italy.

Painter, draftswoman and embroiderer, the artist works directly from nature and the things around her studio. She is interested in the outgrowths of line and color. 



- “O Lugar das Coisas” (The Place of Things), Gallery Art Hall – Florence Antônio, São Paulo, SP 


- “São Paulo por um Fio”, Centro Cultural São Paulo (Sao Paulo Cultural Center) – Exhibitions Program 

- “Música em seus Dedos” (Music in her Fingers), A Casa - Museu do Objeto Brasileiro (Museum of the Brazilian Object), Sao Paulo


- “Canção da Estrada” (Song of the Road), DConcept Escritório de Arte, Sao Paulo 


- “A Gravitação do Amor Misterioso pelas Coisas que nos Ignoram” (Gravitation of the Mysterious Love of Things Unaware of Us), Qualcasa, Hermes Artes Visuais, São Paulo 

- “Chuva de Ouro” (Gold Rain), Museu de Arte de Blumenau, SC


- “Aktion”(experimental project), 2025 Kunst und Kulture e.V, Hamburg, Germany 


- “Entre Mãos: Pinturas” (Between Hands: Paintings), Contraponto, Sao Paulo


- “Céus são Céus” (Skys are Heavens), Dconcept Escritório de Arte, São Paulo



- "Coastlines", Sanger Gallery - The Studios of Key West, FL, USA

- "100 Works on Paper Benefit", Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklin, NY


- IV Bienal do Sertão (IV Biennial of Sertão), Museu do Piauí, Teresina, PI, 01-31 Oct 

- “Compartiarte” (beneficent exhibition), Centro Brasileiro Britânico, Sao Paulo


- “Hic et Nunc”, Picta Escritorio de Arte de Gabriela M. Carneiro de Loyola, Joenville, SC 

- “Refluxo”, curated by Nacy Betts, Vão Espaço Independente de Arte, Sao Paulo

- “1o. Salão de Arte Visuais”, Galeria Rabieh, Sao Paulo


- “Árvores, Galhos e Folhas”, Galpões Santo Antônio, Fazenda Santo Antônio, Amparo, SP

- “No Notice Gave She, but a Change”, (dialogue between a Brazilian, a Japanese and a German artist), Bridget Stern Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

- “Seeing It Again: Nature Reconsidered”, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana, USA 


- “Yelling At the Sky”, Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition, curated by La Keisha Leek, Chicago

- “Seeing It Again: Nature Reconsidered”, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, CO, USA

- “Open Studio”, Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, USA 


- Programa Exposiçoes 2015, MARP – Museu de Arte de Ribeirao Preto Pedro Manuel-Gismondi – SP 

- “Exhibition: Gallery’s Collection”, DConcept Escritório de Arte, Sao Paulo

- “Open Studio”, The Studios of Key West, USA

- “Contraprova, Vol. 1”, Paço das Artes, São Paulo

- “É Sempre Bom Estar Acompanhado”, W espaço Arte (org. grupo Latitude 22), Ribeirão Preto – SP 


- 13 Salão Nacional de Arte Jataí – GO, (13o Art Salon of Jataí)

- “Tre Cose” (Three Things), 33 Officina Creativa, Toffia, Italy

- “Open Studio”, Palazzo del Gatto, Casaprota, Italy


- “Quase a Última Foto” (Almost the Last Picture), Grupo Aluga-se, Casa Cultural Mario Quintana, Porto Alegre

- 39 Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Santo André – SP, (39th Contemporary Art Sallon of Santo André)


2019 – Sacatar Institute, Bahia, Brazil 

2019 – Ragdale Foundation, Arts and Nature Week, Chicago, USA

2016 – Ragdale Foundation, Chicago, USA

2015 – The Studios of Key West, USA

2014 – 33 Officina Creativa, Toffia; and, Palazzo del Gatto, SabinArti Associazione Culturale,, artist residency, Casaprota, Itália


2017 – Selected by Centro Cultural São Paulo (Sao Paulo Cultural Center) as a recipient of its Solo Exhibition 2017 prize – Programa Exposições.

2012 – Travel grant, Programa de Difusão Cultural, Ministério da Cultura, Brazil

2008 – Community Service Award, Albert Schweitzer Fellowship – Fellow for Life 

2007 – Merit scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago



2019 – Textiel Plus Magazine, Netherlands

2017 – “Flamboyant”, Scoundrel Time (journal of literature), USA, +



2008 – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA - Master of Art in Art Therapy 

2000 – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – Psychology 

Licensed Clinical Professional Psychology, February, 2001

1996/97 – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan,Italy 

2011-2012 – Painting studio at Sergio Fingermann’s atelier, Sao Paulo

2012 – Art History, Prof. Rodrigo Naves’ Class, São Paulo 

2003-2005 – Drawing studio at Feres Khoury’s atelier, São Paulo 



2019  - Stitching Workshop, “The Basting Colour”, SESC Paulista, Sao Paulo, August 6 to 9th

2019 – Textile Workshops for children, Arts and Nature Week, Ragdale Foundation, Chicago, USA

2012 and 2009 – SESC Santo Amaro e Ipiranga, São Paulo – SP (drawing, painting and collage workshops)

2007 – Namaste Charter School, Chicago, USA (art therapy) 

2007 – Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago, USA (art therapy)

2004-2006 – Instituto da Criança e do Adolescente com Doenças Renais, ICRIM (Child and Teenager’s Renal Diseases Organization), a non profit organization, São Paulo Brazil (created and coordinated the Play, Art and Psychotherapy Program)

2001-2006 – Hospital do Rim e Hipertensão – HRH, Fundação Oswaldo Ramos, UNIFESP/EPM (Federal University of Sao Paulo/ Medical School). São Paulo, Brazil (created and coordinated the Play, Art and Psychotherapy Program)

Presented in Conference

2012 – 2nd International Conference on Jung and Visual Arts – Art And Psyche in the City. Lecture: “Graffiti and Photography in and of the City of São Paulo: Reflections on the City’s Character and the City as a Place where Residents Invent their Lives Daily”, NYU, New York, July 19-22

2008 – 1st International Conference on Jung and Visual Arts – Art and Psyche: Reflection on Image. Lecture: “Art and play therapy in the treatment of organic disease: Researching on a renal transplant unit”, San Francisco, USA, May 1 – 4

2006 – 15th Annual Society for the Arts in Healthcare Conference. Lecture: “The art of toy making”, Chicago, USA, April 26 – 29